TumeriQ Plus: Games Framework for iPhone
TumeriQ Plus: Full version To get the full version of the flexible and extendibleTumeriQ Plus framework, designed from the ground up to help you make beautiful games fast!
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What is TumeriQ TumeriQPlus (TQ+) is a Game Framework based on Cocos2D. TumeriQPlus packages Cocos2D with few other libraries notably CocosDenshion for Audio support and Box2D to provide the necessary Physics infrastructure so that developers could use the existing infrastructure with ease. This is especially helpful for existing Cocos2D games which needs to be updated rapidly but suffers significant time delay due to complexity of the structure built-in Cocos2D.

Thus our aim for TQ+ is to simplify commonly used routines in games and combines existing popular libraries so that developers do not have to worry about the integration part.
Philosophy We built TQ+ for sole purpose of providing a platform to develop games on mobile. The framework must work to simplify the game development, as well as optimized for speed.
System requirement At the minimum, you must have XCode 4 and above on Macintosh platform
Terminologies 1. TQ : TumeriQ, Nusantara Software's Mobile Game Framework for iOS
2. TQ+ : Enhanced version of TQ, which has additional facilities such as Storage, Social, etc
3. Cocos2D: Popular Game Framework on iPhone
TQ+ four pre-built templates.
TQ+ comes with pre-built template When creating new games, we often face big tasks of implementing mechanics of the game. Fo rexample, how do we detect collisions? How do we implement drag and drop? How do create physicsbody? How to implement the right slashing pictures that follows our slashing action?

TQ+ make it easier for you to create a game by preparing four pre-built templates.

1. A simple TumeriQ game: creates a bare-minimum structure to get started
2. TumeriQ Drag 'n Drop Game
3. TumeriQ Physics & Accelerometer Game
4. TumeriQ Slashing Game.
TumeriQ Slashing Game
TumeriQ Drag 'n Drop Game
TumeriQ Physics & Accelerometer Game
Built-in Audio support Working with Audio is easy with TQ+. Among the features include the ability to set background music, play audio effect, and also mute the music. TQ+ also support crossfading for sound or music transition.
Simplification of multi-touch handling TQ+ offers two multi-touch mechanism: Multi-touch and Draggable touch. Multi-touch handling is important when we create our game layer. When we create a layer with multitouch support, it means that TQ+ will help detect all "touches" either per-touch, or simultaneous touches. Each touch is recorded and can be used later. In addition, TQ+ also can be used to detect a "drag" touches.
Game Story support Game usually has story to tell. We could also create Tutorial based on the Game Story. The following example captures the usage of Game Story feature in Tutorial steps using TQ+: GameStory in Hungry Barracuda Game Story will enable us to layer our tutorial on top of the current layer so that we can control the flow. Game Story enables us to start, stop, slide to the next screen, etc.
Questions? If you have any further questions that the above description hasn't covered, feel free to ask question in the forum and we'll get to you as soon as possible!
Test Drive - TumeriQ Community version Try out TumeriQ Community version to get a taste of the power of TumeriQ .
Documentation Feel free to read up TQ+ documentation
What Are You Waiting For? The right way - Advance game feautres you wish you could have!
The practical way - Abstracted out subroutines commonly found in the mobile games, so you don't have to implement them.
The fun way - Make your life easier and more productive!
USD 39.99