ninja vs ufo hungry barracuda
Game Design for Begineers Nusantara Software is organizing a workshop designed for beginners who would like to learn on game development.
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Capflick is based on the idea of a childhood memory game called "tutup-botol". The game is played by flicking on the bottle cap to hit a few designated caps before the player can proceed to the next stage. We added a few obstacles such as fans and sticks. Find out more about Capflick
Ninja vs UFO
The game is based on a folklore – cows lost are abducted by the UFO. Player is a Ninja saving the cows from the UFO. UFO can be destroyed by slashing them before the cows are abducted. There are three kinds of UFO so far (1) normal (2) gold (3) mothership. The UFO is also intelligent because it can avoid our slashes. The Ninja (player) has to be skillful enough to chase the UFO.
Hungry Barracuda
Hungry Barracuda development is more challenging because it deals with physics in the water. The barracuda's mission is to eat as much attacking birds as possible and to save his turtle friend. The game is developed for Ocean Klaut Sdn Bhd.